404 Page Not Found.... jklolroflcopter

🌍 omg worst house warming ever 🌏

captain, incoming message

u probably aren't even reading ur email today!

I did has many corms

a day late and a dollar short

my life is a confluence of Riso prints, apparently

back at it, from CDMX

friday open thread: what tools should I explore?

as if I had missed the smell of hot garbage...

All hail the Water type!

SO MANY OPEN CALLS no seriously

pixel art Pusheens and Python for beginners...

what are ur fav tech/art meetups?

TRASH PANDA: the appsperience (and more, obvi)

ok finally a pride email that is useful

surfer pikachu gets out of town!

I haven't played WoW in 15 years and yet...

"2. Dragons got buffed...."

can u really feel seen by AI?


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